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Parliamentary elections in Finland are coming up on April. Vote for solidarity, equity and environment. Vote for SDP. ✌️Please share & let your friends know that with your vote, we can make Finland better for us and the next generations.🌈#huumonen2019

Julkaissut Hanna Huumonen Maanantaina 18. helmikuuta 2019
My themes in one minute!

Hanna Huumonen (SDP) is your candidate in Helsinki.  She´s mother of one and secretary general of the union of vocational students in Finland. The parliamentary elections in Finland are coming up in April 14th 2019. You can find more information on voting here.

We in SDP want more solidarity, equity and actions to tackle climate change.

Everyone should have a roof on top of their head and food to eat, but also the right to have and afford hobbies. Let´s fix the social security system and make it more simple and less stigmatizing. Healthcare should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Let´s fight against racism, xenophobia and homophobia. Especially the inhumane law regarding transpeople should be changed ASAP!

And last but not least, climate change is very real and it´s happening now – so we must act now! There´s no planet B.

Vote for change. Vote for SDP.

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